A lot of people bet only for fun or during big events such as World Cup or Olympics and that is nothing bad. It increases adrenalin and joy but these people usually quickly lose their money.

Some people bet regularly in their free time. They are basically amateurs who bet quite often and they might have good success rate in short period of time. They are not bothered when they are not in profit.

But if you would like to be in long term profit it is necessary to keep money management – the plan according which you will bet.


Everyone has different financial opportunities and different starting capital – bank (amount of money which you are willing to lose). For example if you have 50 000 Kč on your bank account which you would like to invest in betting. Someone else might have 50 000 Kč. Money make money and more money you start with, more you can make.

Maximal deposit

First thing while creating money management is to state amount of regular stake. Most of the experts recommend max 5% from your bank – that is reasonable risk for the beginning.


If you have bank 50 000 Kč the maximum amount of regular stake will be 1 000 Kč.
Maximal deposit = 2 500 Kč (50 000 * 0,05)

Do not bet accumulators

Another important rule is to bet only SINGLE tips

Beginners should keep proportion of single/accumulator bets circa 50/50. Professionals bet 90% of bets as single. Accumulators have higher chance of losing because the probability of win is getting smaller with each match. But some tips can´t be bet as SINGLE (e.g. some lower divisions games) so it is necessary to put more games alongside them. It is useful to bet matches with odd 1.01 here because they have 99% chance of winning (the probability of overall win won´t be decreased by much)

Watching the game live

It is easy to check just on the final result and be happy to win or angry to lose but it is important to read reports from the games or check on highlights and find out something about how the game was developing and realize the reason of losing or find out what to bet next time, shortly learn from mistakes. For example two games finish by the same score but it is clear that team which was leading for the whole game is in better shape than the team which only got lucky at short period of the game (e.g. they scored lucky goal in extra time and won). If I check only on the final result I can get under impression that both teams are in the same form because they won by the same goal margin but it might not be the truth.