You can bet this type of bets on several sports such as football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, baseball, handball, volleyball etc. To be successful you have to know important factors which influence the result of the game. I have no doubts about you loving this type of bets.

Advantage of OVER/UNDER bets against 1X2 – only two possible outcomes.

While betting over/under you can choose if more or less than X points will be scored. There are only two options of outcome.

  • OVER (+) – more than stated amount of points
  • UNDER (-) – less than stated amount of points

There is higher chance of winning than in regular 1X2 bet (three options of outcome).

Why football games have 2.5 goal line

Usually you will see goal line 2.5 in bookies offer. This comes from the average of 2.5 goals scored in regular football game. Some of more offensive leagues like 1. Dutch League (Eredivisie) has higher average (e.g. 2.75, 3, 3.25). Opposite example could be 1. French League (Ligue 1) where usually just a few goals per game is scored. The average there would be lower (2.25, 2).

How to bet on the number of points achieved – before the game or LIVE?

These days all bookies offer wide range of live games so you do not have to place the bet before the game. It is good to see how the game is developing and bet live. When you can watch the game online or in telly it is sometimes clever to wait for better live odds.

Important factors for OVER/UNDER bets

It is different in each sport. The most important factors are “MOTIVATION, TACTIC, SHAPE, INJURIES, and WEATHER”. Indoor sports like ice hockey or handball are not affected by weather. It is also clear that more information you have about the game better your result estimation is.

When not to bet OVER/UNDER

It is also important to know which games to avoid. If you are just a beginner you will sometimes regret that you bet some game which finished exactly opposite than you thought. Your mental strength is important in betting and have experience in choosing the games. Better avoid games which are not standard so do not bet on derbies because the rivalry can influence the game significantly. Do not bet games where you suspect corruption. Also do not bet games where starting line ups are very uncertain (e.g. end of the season, cup games).